Waulkmill Ferry, on the River Tay, Perthshire, about 1903

The twin-hulled ferry boat of Waulkmill Ferry was propelled by a chain and cogwheel. It operated from the mid 19th century. In 1877 there was a legal dispute between the two landowners on opposite banks when the chain had to be fixed into the ground. There was also a rowing boat used to ferry passengers. By 1920, the cost of ferrying one person across the river was 1d for a cart 6d and for a motorcar 6d. The ferry stopped in 1964 with the retiral of the last ferryman.

  • Material/Medium: gelatin dry plate negative
  • Date: c.1903
  • Creator: Wood & Son Printers, Perth, purchased from Wm. Niven, Luncarty
  • Accession number: W0013
  • Category: Photography
  • Subject: Waulkmill Ferry,River Tay,Stormontfield,Perthshire,Scotland,ferry