Abbey Church, Scone, about 1903

The Abbey Church, Scone, was established as a result of the Disruption of 1843. Before the church was built the members held services in a barn at nearby Pictstonhill Farm. The original church was later demolished and replaced by the red sandstone building in the photograph which was dedicated in 1887. The building, with its carillon was donated by a Miss Goodsman, the vestry was donated in 1929 by a Mrs Boyd and the manse was built by one of the ministers at his own expense. In 1953 the Abbey Church and the West Church were united to form what is now called Scone New Church.

  • Material/Medium: gelatin dry plate negative
  • Date: c.1903
  • Creator: Wood & Son Printers, Perth, purchased from William Stewart, Abbey Road, Scone
  • Accession number: W0051
  • Category: Photography
  • Subject: Abbey Church,Scone,Perthshire,Scotland,church,Scone New Church