Glenfoot, Abernethy, about 1905

The view shows Glenfoot Road lined with buildings and houses and a man on horseback standing to one side.

Glenfoot was a separate village, although it was included in the parish of Abernethy. By the census of 1841, 1100 people lived in the villages of Abernethy, Glenfoot and Aberargie and the greater proportion of inhabitants were weavers of linen yarn. The people of Glenfoot went to Abernethy for its post office, school and libraries.

  • Material/Medium: gelatin dry plate negative
  • Date: c.1905
  • Creator: Wood & Son Printers, Perth, purchased from Wylie, Keir Street
  • Accession number: W0067
  • Category: Photography
  • Subject: Glenfoot Road,Glenfoot,Perthshire,Scotland,village,horse,rider