Charlotte Street, Perth

View along Charlotte Street, Perth with the Albert Memorial on the North Inch to the left and the River Tay with Perth Bridge beyond that.

Charlotte Street was laid out in 1783 with ordered elegant buildings. The block partially obscured by trees is 20 Charlotte Street and 2-4 Charlotte Place, built about 1830. The corner has three bowed bays and an impressive Greek Doric colonnade at ground level. The statue of Albert, Prince Consort was inaugurated by Queen Victoria herself in August 1864. The sculptor was William Brodie of Banff and the statue holds in its hand a plan of the Crystal Palace erected in Hyde Park, London, for the Great Exhibition of 1851. Perth Bridge was designed by John Smeaton and constructed between 1762 and 1766. It has seven arches built of red sandstone with footpaths added in 1869.

  • Material/Medium: wet collodion plate negative
  • Date: c.1869-1897
  • Creator: Magnus Jackson Photographer. Later acquired by John K. Taylor and sold to Wood and Son Printers, Perth for postcard use.
  • Accession number: W0155
  • Category: Photography
  • Subject: Charlotte Street,Perth,Perthshire,Scotland,Perth Bridge,Smaeton's Bridge,Albert Statue,Bridgend,Kinnoull Hill