Ferry transporting a hay wagon, Caputh

View of the ferry on the River Tay at Caputh. A horse and cart loaded with hay is being ferried across and three men ride on the ferry. More passengers are arriving at the opposite bank.

Thirteen ferry locations have been identified on the River Tay between Perth and Kenmore but there may have been more. With improvements in agriculture more and bigger farm carts were needed and the volume of traffic at Caputh ferry increased. In the 18th century the ferrymen had a method for loading carts using four men. Sometimes carters raced each other to see who could reach the ferry first and it was not unusual for as many as 14 carts to be queuing up at a time. In the 1830's, James Fraser, a blacksmith from Dowally, north of Dunkeld, designed a pontoon-type boat for Caputh. By the time this photograph was taken there was a passenger rowing boat and the twin-hulled chain-driven boat for horse-drawn vehicles. The ferryman lived in the white house on the north bank.

  • Material/Medium: wet collodion plate negative
  • Date: c.1860-1897
  • Creator: Magnus Jackson Photographer. Later acquired by John K. Taylor and sold to Wood and Son Printers, Perth for postcard use.
  • Accession number: W0166
  • Category: Photography
  • Subject: Caputh Ferry,Caputh,Perthshire,Scotland,River Tay,ferry,wagon,people