Ballathie Siding, Stanley, Perthshire

View of Ballathie railway siding by Kinclaven. A man leads a horse pulling a cartload of wood and there are Caledonian Railway trucks in the background. Two men on the right are loading another cart with planks. The siding was in use from 1868.

Ballathie Siding was north of Stanley Junction and near Cargill. It was built by the Caledonian Railway for goods traffic only. Railway sidings like Ballathie were critical for the speed delivery of heavy or perishable goods or goods in bulk quantities. They were often crucial to the livelihood of small local communities. Ballathie siding was eventually closed to goods traffic in September 1964.

  • Material/Medium: n/a
  • Date: c.1903
  • Creator: Wood & Son Printers, Perth, purchased from Munro Joiner Ballathie
  • Accession number: W0233
  • Category: Photography
  • Subject: Ballathie Siding,Stanley,Perthshire,Scotland,Caledonian Railway,railway,horse and cart,men