Houses at Gellyburn with topiary

View of Gellyburn, Murthly, about 10 miles north of Perth, with houses, people and a three wheeled conveyance parked by the side of the road. Peacock cottage, so called because of its spectacular topiary is the house on the left.

Gellyburn was famous for its quarries which produced a light ash-coloured sandstone, Dunkeld Cathedral was built out of the lower Devonian sandstone and it has been an area for the discovery of fossil plants. In addition a recent discovery of three pieces of Pictish sculpture from Gellyburn and nearby Pittensorn and Murthy indicate that there was a church centre nearby in early medieval period.

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  • Date: c.1904
  • Creator: Wood & Son Printers, Perth, purchased from Wylie, Keir Street
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  • Category: Photography
  • Subject: Gellyburn,Murthly,Perthshire,Scotland,street,wheelchair,people,houses,topiary