The Fair Maid's House, Perth

A view of the exterior of the so-called Fair Maid's House, in Curfew Row, Perth, about 1904. This is a two-storey house which has some medieval features but it was substantially renewed internally and externally in 1893-4 by J and G Young, architects. The niche in the corner of the wall reputedly held the town's curfew bell - hence the name of the street.

The Fair Maid's House was bought by the Glover Incorporation of Perth in 1629 for their use as a meeting hall. They used the building for over 150 years. Their motto "Grace and Peace" can be seen carved onto the lintel above the door where the man is standing. The name 'The Fair Maid's House' was given to the building after the success of Sir Walter Scott's romantic novel "The Fair Maid of Perth", published in 1828.

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  • Date: c.1904
  • Creator: Wood & Son Printers, Perth, purchased from Wylie, Keir Street
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  • Subject: Fair Maid's House,Perth,Perthshire,Scotland