Photo of Margaret Morris in door, Antibes

Margaret Eleanor Morris (Meg) was born in London in 1891. She was a child prodigy, encouraged by her doting mother. Her childhood years were a fairy tale of pretty dresses, dazzling outfits and adoration. From the age of just three years she gave recitals at evening receptions and garden parties in French and English. From this unconventional beginning, she went on to become a famous pioneer of modern dance. One of her core achievements was developing her own system of training dancers for the theatre. She called it ‘Margaret Morris Movement’. In a life full of creativity, she was also a talented artist, choreographer, movement therapist and author.

  • Material/Medium: Photograph
  • Date: n/a
  • Creator: Fred Daniels
  • Accession number: MG 8461
  • Category: Photography
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