Carpow logboat & transom

The logboat was discovered in 2001 in the River Tay at Carpow near Newburgh. It is one of the oldest so far found in Scotland and the best preserved. It was made from a hollowed-out trunk of an oak tree. Battling against daily tides the boat was excavated by a team of archaeologists and taken by lorry to the National Museum of Scotland Conservation Laboratories. The conservation programme lasted 5 years as the waterlogged wood of the boat was strengthened using PEG, or polyethylene glycol. The boat is about 3,000 years old and dates from the late Bronze Age. It might have been used for fishing, to transport cargo or people across the river or perhaps to ceremonially place metalwork into the river as part of worship.

  • Material/Medium: wood
  • Date: Bronze age
  • Creator: n/a
  • Accession number: 2012.371.1 & 2
  • Category: Archaeology
  • Subject: n/a