St Madoes cross-slab, Pictish

Impressive Pictish cross slab carved on the two broad faces. The principal face is filled with a wheel-headed cross. The crosshead arms have expanding terminals and hollow sockets. The crosshead junction is overlain by a square panel contianing swirling relief bosses. the shaft and arms are filled with interlace and key patterns. Running up thye side of the shaft are two pairs of dogs, the second biting the rear of the first in each pair. Lying diagonally across the upper curves of the cross wheel are two lions., the heads turned back. these are matched by pair of lions across the upper, narrow edge of the slab. Damage to this are has removed the head of on eof these lions. Between the heads appears to ahve been a space where something could be added to the cross, perhaps a relic, on special feast days. The opposite face has been damged by water runn-off, partially removing element sof the symbols carved on lower portion. At the bottom is the so-called Pictish beast with a crescent and V-rod and a double-disc immediately above. Above the symbols is a verticla arnagment of three rectangular panels, within each one a horse and hooded rider. One of these is clearly carrying a satchel. They probably represent ecclesiastics. st Madoes is on the road betwen three powerful royal-church communities: Scone, Abernethy and St Andrews

  • Material/Medium: sandstone
  • Date: 8/9 century
  • Creator: n/a
  • Accession number: 1992.815
  • Category: Archaeology
  • Subject: n/a