Scottish Wildcat Felis sylvestis

The wildcat has lived in Scotland for 10,000 years, since the end of the last ice age. For the last 2,000 years it has shared Scotland with domestic cats which arrived in Britain with the Romans. Ever since that time wildcats have interbred with feral domestic cats and as a result we have no idea what a true wildcat really looked like. This Victorian taxidermy mount portrays the wildcat as a fierce snarling cat which has captured a red grouse. Wildcats were considered vermin by Victorian gamekeepers and persecuted during the 19th century. By the First World War they were only found in North West Scotland. Nowadays they are found throughout the Scottish Highlands.

  • Material/Medium: Taxidermy
  • Date: probably late nineteeth century
  • Creator: n/a
  • Accession number: 1977.1130
  • Category: Natural HIstory
  • Subject: n/a