Blaschka Jellyfish model

This is an example of a glass model of a sea creature which was made for natural history museums all over the world by the Blaschkas. Leopold (1822-1895) and Rudolph (1857-1939), his son, had a workshop in Dresden, Germany which operated from the 1870's to 1930's. Both skilled glassworkers they used clear and coloured glass, wire and glue to create life like models of sea creatures such as this jellyfish. This model is one of a series of fourteen models showing the different life stages of the jellyfish. The set of models was bought from the Blaschkas by the Perthshire Natural History Museum in the 1880s.

  • Material/Medium: Glass, wire
  • Date: 1880s
  • Creator: Leopold Blashka
  • Accession number: 1994.559.1
  • Category: Natural HIstory
  • Subject: n/a