Agate from Kinnoul Hill, Perth

Agates are nodules which contain different coloured layers of the common mineral, quartz. The nodules usually form in volcanic lava rocks. The molten lava has gas bubbles inside it and after the lava hardens the bubbles leave cavities in the rock. These are the sites where the agate forms.The outside of an agate nodule looks dull and uninteresting but when it is broken open the colourful quartz layers are revealed. Scotland is rich in agates, so much so that agates are also known as 'Scotch pebbles'. The Sidlaw Hills to the north-east of Perth contain agate-bearing rock. This agate was collected at Muirhall Farm on the north side of Kinnoull Hill near Perth in 1887.

  • Material/Medium: Quartz
  • Date: 1887 (collected)
  • Creator: n/a
  • Accession number: 1990.146.603
  • Category: Natural HIstory
  • Subject: n/a