Brown Bog Rush Herbarium Specimen

In Britain brown bog-rush is only found in a few locations in Perthshire. It occurs where there are mineral rich springs on wet moorland. It is also found in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Russia. It was first discovered in Britain in July 1884 on the shores of Loch Tummel by James Brebner and this is the original specimen he collected. Brebner was a schoolmaster and a founding member of the Dundee Naturalists Society. The water level of Loch Tummel was raised in 1950 when the loch was dammed for a hydroelectric scheme.

  • Material/Medium: plant
  • Date: 1884 (collected)
  • Creator: n/a
  • Accession number: 1999.420.9737
  • Category: Natural HIstory
  • Subject: n/a