Tulloch Pictish stone

Large block of stone which appears to have been an ancient standing stone before the Picts reused it, carving on one face -to a height of 1002mm - is an incised human figure, naked and depicted moving right to left, with a walking gait that appears to exaggerate the posterior. The incision is cut with a single stroke of fairly uniform width and depth – where this varies it appears to be due to wear of the stone. The right arm extends outward at a downward sloping 45 degree angle and grasps an object firmly. The object is indicated with a single line incision and has a length of 770mm parallel to the head down to the knees. There is some recent scarring-damage (from the stone’s mechanical removal) at the upper end of this object but it does not obscure its termination in a pointed head. This and its very clear knobbed butt at the opposite terminal define the object as a spear. The left hand is much nearer to the body and the fingers are again shown in a gripping pose. Above this closed fist is the worn suggestion of the top of the shaft of a club-like object. It appears to extend in the opposite direction behind the right leg. The head is the most worn area of the figure, and its lines and features are obscured by the worn and eroded whinstone. Nevertheless a clear impression of a grotesque face with an extended snout is evident. A line delineates a pushed back hairstyle leaving an exposed forehead and upper scalp.

  • Material/Medium: glacial erratic
  • Date: 6th century
  • Creator: n/a
  • Accession number: pending TT allocation
  • Category: Archaeology
  • Subject: n/a