toilet seat

Large single plank with central circular hole, max diam 245mm. Each corner is pierced by a small hole 3-4 mm in diam. Towards on edge on the upper surface is a band of incised decoration of chevrons and diamonds, running the full width of the plank. It was probably cut with a knife by someone idling the time whilst otherwise engaged. The seat was found resting on a timber frame within a cess pit on the Kirk close site. The holes at each corner of the seat are thought to have been used a speg holes during an earlier phase of its use. Toilet seats ahve changed little through the ages and similar one have been found still being used in outside privies in the 19th century. Other medieval examples hav ebeen found at King's Lynn, Exeter, and York for example.

  • Material/Medium: wood - oak
  • Date: late 13 early 14 century
  • Creator: n/a
  • Accession number: Kirk close cat 134
  • Category: Archaeology
  • Subject: n/a