Inuit boat

Model oomiak or canoe. The sails are made of caribou skin and the canoe is covered in walrus hide. The pully and sail rings are from sections of walrus tusk. There are seven passengers; six dressed in rabbit fur and one in sealskin. The model contains a harpoon of ivory and wood, as well as three paddles. The 'umiak' is a type of large boat used for whale hunting and for transporting families from one hunting location to another. Often women were in charge of such boats. This example was collected in King's Island, Alaska, in the early 20th century and donated to Perth Museum & Art Gallery in 1921. It was made around 1906.

  • Material/Medium: Wood, walrus hide, seal intestine
  • Date: c.1800-1921
  • Creator: n/a
  • Accession number: 1977.1584
  • Category: World Cultures
  • Subject: n/a