Seated Nude Among Trees

Painted on a smaller scale in rich but more subdued colours, Fergusson's nudes developed away from the dark outlining and brighter palette characteristic of his Fauvist style. The compact, exaggeratedly round forms however, provide a link to the power and energy conveyed by the monumental 1910-1912 nudes.

Continuity also exists in his sculpture. Between 1914 and 1925 there is little evidence of the painted nude in Fergusson's work. Living in Britain at this time Fergusson developed his interests in three dimensional form and focussed his experiments on a series of female heads and nudes.

His later development of the nude on canvas, as here, has a powerful three dimensionality which contrasts with the flat patterning of the foliage that acts as background. The typically static, monumental treatment of the figure is also reminiscent of his sculpture.

  • Material/Medium: oil paint on canvas
  • Date: 1928
  • Creator: John Duncan Fergusson (1874-1961)
  • Accession number: 1992.254
  • Category: Fine Art
  • Subject: n/a