This painting was made after Fergusson's second tour of the Highlands in 1928. His first journey in 1922 resulted in a distinctive series of paintings that are now referred to as his Highland Landscapes. As with his treatment of other subjects, Fergusson used a high degree of artistic licence for this scene.

Like his French landscapes of the 1920's there is an interest in suggesting depth in the composition which has been carefull structured to lead the eye from foreground to background. The colours are generally more muted and restrained and the brushwork characteristically Cezannesque.

Although Fergusson liked to consider himself a 'Highlander', he was born and brought up in Edinburgh. His parents however, were both from farming families in Perthshire having moved from Pitnacree near Pitlochry to Leith just before his birth. He recalled many happy childhood holidays with relatives in Perthshire.

  • Material/Medium: oil paint on canvas
  • Date: 1929
  • Creator: John Duncan Fergusson (1874-1961)
  • Accession number: 1992.255
  • Category: Fine Art
  • Subject: n/a